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Hi, I am Courtney Kattengell

Realtor, Associate Broker, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Provider, Organizer of all the things, Vacation Planner, Carpool Scheduler, Laundry Do-er, Partner, Board Member, Volunteer, Room Captain, Grocery Shopper Extraordinaire, Meal Planner, Bill Payer, Homework Helper, Kid Shuffler, and whatever else I manage to do on the daily. We, especially as women, wear SO MANY hats. We, as women, are high-level boss bitches in the real estate world. That’s right ladies… HIGH-LEVEL BOSS BITCHES. We are the boss of our businesses, households, and the lives of our families. While there is some serious reward and gratification in that title and all of the titles above, my sister, it is too much. These standards, placed on us by us or by others, have got to go! Or do they?

I am sure you have heard not to spread yourself too thin before. I am sure someone somewhere has told you not to work so hard, don’t forget to slow down so you won’t miss the good parts of life. Sure, sounds great. Slow down. Right. But when its Friday night and an offer comes in with a short deadline to respond to, or a new referral call and needs you to help them right now, we often feel like we have to jump in because, well after all, we are the boss bitch of our business and reputation, our income and of the whole work life balance thing. Or are we? It is easy to feel like we don’t have the time, control, energy, ability to do all the things all of the time. Someone will be left disappointed. Usually, its you.

Taking time to sit with yourself and ask yourself some hard questions can be the reboot you need to rise to the next level. With self-reflection and deep self-compassion, you can show up differently in the world for your family, friends, and clients. And we can do it all, skillfully and gracefully.

If you feel like you are stuck or if you are tired of that hamster wheel feeling you are experiencing right now, grab my hand and allow me to walk you through some amazing work that will leave you recharged to go forth and prosper! Because, after all, that’s what boss bitches do.

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