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Think about that for a second. Your team, your tribe, your people. How do they support you, lift you, hold you, help you, catch you when you fall, and keep you balanced? There is no doubt about the fact that we all have a team. Some of us have multiple teams, special teams if you will.  

There are just some people who you know you need in certain situations. And you know you can call on them when in need. In this life, we all need our teams because life is hard y’all. Hard as hell. You don’t have to do it alone; quite honestly, you don’t. Recognizing your people should give you some relief and boost you up a level.

Your Personal Board of Advisors 

So, how do you know who is on your team? It is a combination of all sorts of people, and they create your board of advisors. We all need one. Hell, corporations need them, so it isn’t a bad idea to structure our lives similarly without putting any of them on the payroll. We have friends and family on your personal life board of advisors. They remind you of the good stuff when you are feeling down. They listen deeply and hold a space for you emotionally and physically. They come to your aid when you are sick, stressed, low, and struggling. They also celebrate with you and cheer you on your journey without jealousy. They make you feel relevant, adequate, seen, and loved. Their presence makes you calm and feels aligned with your company. Professionally, you have those types of people whose opinions and advice you value when you need help with a decision, move, or action plan. 

Sometimes it can be a co-worker who, without their brightness, sarcasm, or shared dismay, you would not love your job as much. A business partner may carry you through the lows and compensate for your weaknesses. Your life partner may also cross over to your professional team because they listen to your work struggles and successes. Your professional team can also include people in other professions who have climbed a similar ladder and never shy away from helping you climb yours. Your inspirational leaders, favorite podcast hosts, and other leaders in your industry can be on this team in a more passive way. Still, the content they push out resonates so deeply with you that you know what they would do if faced with a situation you’re presently experiencing. The professional team catches you when you fall, lifts you when you can’t lift yourself, and reminds you of your potential each and every day.

Your Spiritual Advisory Board 

Now, and stay with me here and think about who is on your spiritual advisory board. These people, angels, and other divine beings are different. These team members are ALWAYS with you, and they know your innermost voice, including your internal whispers. They already know the outcomes of the problems, and no matter the struggle, they know you will be okay. They know everything and remain close, watching you, nudging you, and trying to communicate to you signs and messages from another realm of existence. When you make time to be still, these individuals will come forward. Whenever a memory or feeling comes over you that you only associate with them, that is them being next to you. They come and go. They also come in and out as needed. Some will perhaps be more maternal and nurturing towards you when you need it most, and others only serve in a protective way. They have so much wisdom and power to help you, but you must first acknowledge them and ask them for help. These guys are the ones you know that you will never have to do anything without. Not a day, a moment, a low low, or a high high will be experienced without them there.

So, ask yourself, who are those people hanging out, protecting you, and guiding you whether you

recognize it or not? It’s taken me a long time to recognize the spirits guiding me and the forces always with me. It’s super supportive, and feels like I am being carried. Like a reminder that I don’t have to do it all. I’ve got people carrying some of the weight for me. For me, personally, God is big and way bigger than I’ll ever be, obviously, and it’s so comforting to be able to lean on the power t that God is and to know that he’s got me and, whenever I want, his power and spirit will help me carry whatever cross I am bearing. 

Those who have your back 

And then, beyond God, I have a spiritual group of individuals I’ve known in this life who passed before me and are always carrying me through. They know the outcome better than I do, and they are comforted by the outcome. I need to find ways to trust the confidence and the knowing that it will be okay. Like the hard stuff, life gives you… well, it’s HARD! It’s all too easy to lose sight of something positive or potentially that whole mind-blowing idea that this hard stuff is actually the way to your salvation or your next best thing. It’s easy to lose sight of that, especially when you’re in it and you’re sitting in the stuff that makes you uncomfortable. When it doesn’t feel like it’s going right, or at least not the way you envisioned it, and you wished there was a different outcome sooner, that’s when I need their confidence. Having the faith, along with your spiritual guides, to know that it’s fine, and it’s going to be fine is just so insanely comforting to me. So, my spiritual team is made up of obvious big players in my life. I believe that they come and go. I didn’t always have my grandmother on the spiritual side of things, as for the first 41 years of my life, she was in my life physically. Now I have that gift of her perpetual presence because she has passed on. It could be ancestors from my mother’s or my father’s, people I haven’t met before as well, but they are tethered to me. There are pieces of me that I carry from them. Some fiber of their being evolved into some fiber in me. And even though we don’t know them, they’re not going away. It’s all energy, and we know that energy is neither created nor destroyed, so it doesn’t just disappear. It’s still accessible, and it’s still tangible. It’s also really easy to miss. Without a doubt, I have a couple of friends who have passed before me that take place on my team. They are always there. I can see the smile right now and feel the warmth and support they always offer. There are my babies, Mark’s mother, and many more. There are enough people in my corner where I know I will never be taking steps alone.

That is so nice to know. How absolutely lovely that I’ve got this whole team of people and a whole other dimension, this whole other realm of this world, that are supporting me emotionally, spiritually, and physically, whether I realize it or not.

A good question for anybody to ask is who is on your team. And if you wake up one morning and you’re feeling extra alone, then reach out to your people. Maybe it’s the team that you need to tap into that’s above you and all around you. I think the ability to acknowledge that you’re not alone in this life is a huge accomplishment for some people. You don’t have to do it alone.

We all have our teams. Spending time in meditation and prayer will help you realize who is on your Life Team spiritually, personally, and professionally. It’s the ones who fill you up, not drain you. They energize and revive you, not exhaust you. They are the first ones cheering you on, from across the room or from heaven above.

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